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für Kinder ab 4 Jahren

If really everything goes wrong, you are dealing with a Quastenför...

It's not easy for Pauline. She can't find her socks and school supplies in the morning steps in dog poop on the way to school and falls down the stairs at school. To her, however, it's not her own fault. She's plagued by a Quastenför - and he's causing all this bad luck! One day she decides to get help and ends up with Eulalia Fried. She sends the girl home with a mysterious box that Pauline should only open at a special moment. When, after a peaceful week, there is another day full of disaster, Pauline opens the box. And suddenly everything looks completely different...

Sometimes so many things just go wrong. Troubled by bad luck, you can easily start doubting your sanity. What can help? Someone coming and telling you how valuable you are to them. And that you are good just the way you are. For Pauline, these words come straight from heaven. Of course, things are changing for her now.

The play Quastenför teaches children with humor and lightness that they are enough and valuable, independent of external influences and opinions.

Stage and playing field

We bring light and sound, power connection 230V Schuko socket, at least two, better three separate circuits at 16A are required, playing area at least 3×4 meters .


Britta Lennardt wrote the text, Lene Harlan directed. Stage and costume design was conceived and designed by Katja Struck. Peter Coon, Tim  Hendrik or Markus Schramma will take care of that.

Already booked? Here's the link to the image pool and promotional materials.
Check out the trailer for the play!

Kommende Auftritte

Zeche Carl

In dem Theaterstück „Quastenför“ überzeugen die Darstellerinnen mit beredtem Mienenspiel und ziehen die Kinder in ihren Bann. Zwischen Fantasie und Realität weiß „Quastenför“ Kindern Hilfe im oft unübersichtlichen Alltag und im Umgang mit Missgeschicken zu geben.

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