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Sustainability at the BrilLe Theater

We need to protect our earth and handle our resources carefully. The urgency and relevance of fundamental measures are undeniable. Even if it's just a small part, we at BrilLe Theater want to contribute.

Since sustainability is increasingly being turned into a buzzword and marketing strategy, the meanings of the terms are losing their significance. We want to counteract this and provide transparency. As a small, independent children's theater, our resources are naturally limited. And what we do is expandable. But we are learning and developing new ideas to act more environmentally friendly. Therefore, here is an overview of how BrilLe Theater implements sustainability:

CO2 Compensation

We are traveling by car. Therefore, we compensate for the CO2 emissions of the trips by supporting climate-friendly projects through afterwards.

Hinter der Bühne


Earlier, we sometimes used to drive to Switzerland for a performance. Oh dear... That's over now. When we receive requests from other federal states or countries, we always try to organize tours that combine multiple performances to reduce CO2 emissions. However, most of our performances take place within a radius of 200 km. A nice side effect: we not only protect the environment, but also conserve our energy.

Runtime of the productions

We perform our plays for many years. They are not one-hit wonders whose stage design has to be disposed of after one season. This makes our investments sustainable because what we acquire is used over and over again.

Sustainably invested

And of course, we make investments carefully, plan and calculate well. Props, costumes, and stage designs are repaired first and only replaced when they are really worn out. Often, we use recycled materials or second-hand costumes that are refurbished by our seamstress.

Benjamin beim Filmen

All ecological or what?

We eat purely vegetarian and sometimes vegan while on tour. Many of us also do this in their everyday lives. A balanced, meatless diet is the biggest impact we can have on the major crises of our time. World hunger, climate change, and meat production conditions - all of this depends on our consumption. This is where we can make a difference.

Das BrilLe Team

Work in progress

If you would like to continue discussing this topic with us, or if you have any suggestions or ideas, we are eager to hear from you. Otherwise, it's work in progress. And it's important that not only as a theater, but also as individuals, we all contribute to a green, beautiful future. Everyone is called upon. It's in our hands.

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