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How Angels learn to fly

für Kinder von 4 - 12 Jahren

Bauz looking for the meaning of Christmas

All of a sudden, strange things are happening on earth: people are hanging strings with small lamps everywhere, eating sweets until they get sick, and wrapping lots of things in colored paper. Even more wondrous are the men with white beards and red and white cloaks that can be seen everywhere now. The angel Bauz does not understand any of this and asks God- “People celebrate Christmas.” Okay, but what is that? Since Bauz is a young angel and can't fly yet, God promises him wings if he solves the riddle. In search of an answer, Bauz "plops" to different places and each time takes an answer back to heaven with him. But unfortunately, he is usually not quite right...

"How Angels Learn to Fly" is an entertaining hands-on theater for children. The actual reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is worked out from the bewildering variety of our Christmas culture.

Stage and Location

We bring light and sound, power connection 230V Schuko sockets, at least two, better three separate circuits at 16A are required, playing area: at least 4×3 m

Check out the trailer for the play!

Stage and costume design were designed and implemented by Katja Struck. The text is by Britta Lennardt and Enrique Keil, directed by Beate Albrecht. Peter Coon, Tim Hendrik or Markus Schramma will take care of the light and sound.

Already booked? Here's the link to the image pool and promotional materials.

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Bruchschule Witten

"Fasziniert folgten „unsere“ Kinder den Verwunderungen von Engel Bauz, der nicht verstehen konnte, was in der Weihnachtszeit auf der Erde los war. Als Jungengel war es seine Aufgabe, das Rätsel zu lösen, was Weihnachten eigentlich ist.
Mit Spannung, Spaß und Staunen konnten wir erleben, dass Bauz nicht mit jeder seiner Antworten richtig lag.

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an das Team des Brille Theaters, das uns einen ganz besonderen Schulvormittag mit ihrer Darbietung bescherte."

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