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Übr Würfelbrot
Autism - What is "normal" anyway?

Elsa lives with her uncle Walter in a small, quirky little house. Some time ago they discovered that it was built directly on top of a cave. They are about to dare the adventurous cave expedition when Aunt Lisa leaves her son Valentin with Walter for an indefinite period. Valentine is autistic. His world obeys its own rules that are difficult to understand. This messes everything up...

The children's play "Cube Bread" discusses difficult topics in an easy, funny, and yet profound manner. As if you were opening a captivating picture book, the story unfolds quickly and touchingly. In the end, the question is: what is “normal”? And who decides that?

Check out the trailer for the play!
Stage and Location

We bring light and sound, power connection 230V Schuko socket, at least two, better three separate circuits at 16A are required, playing area: at least 4×4 m


Peter Coon, Tim Hendrik or Markus Schramma will take care of the light and sound, Katja Struck designed the set and the costumes, Britta Lennardt  wrote and directed the lyrics.​

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