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Learn to fly with Peter Pan

für Kinder und Jugendliche ab 8 Jahren

All children grow up. All but one...

One night, Wendy is awakened by a loud banging in her room. She discovers Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up and can't remember anything. She is fascinated by his ignorance and arrogance. Wendy follows him, leaving the safety of her home and traveling to the lost boys in Neverland - the place of pirates and adventure. Peter wishes for a »nice, motherly person«. But does Wendy want to be that? In the end, Peter will need her to fight the cruel Captain Hook...  

Learning to Fly with Peter Pan is an adaptation of the novel »Peter Pan« by JM Barrie. Three actors in 12 different roles, together with a musician and percussionist, tell this story quickly, entertainingly, and thoughtfully. Everyone knows Peter Pan. But few know the novel. This book is filled with imagination, humor, and wisdom. And - as usual in 1904 - full of clichés.

The BrilLe Theater delved deep into this template, blew off a little dust, and developed a play version that focuses on a universal force: motherhood. It is a "coming of age" story that thanks to its symbolic power, can accompany you on your way to adulthood - an adulthood that does not forget the existence of Neverland and knows the healing power of motherly love in its own heart.

Stage and playing field

We bring light and sound with us, power connection 230V Schuko socket is sufficient

We need one  Area of at least 5 x 4 meters.


Written and directed by Britta Lennardt, with the assistance of Lilly Lennardt. Tobias Schunk designed the stage design and the costumes.

Made possible with the kind support of:
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