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Das BrilLe Team

About us

Lot's of drama here...

We are a mobile theater for children. We have been touring Germany with different teams and different plays for over 20 years. We find that this is the best job in the world! We tell our stories in an approachable, sensitive, and humorous way. We love to always be in direct contact with our viewers. With us, you will find a suitable piece for every age and every time of the year. We would like to invite you to enjoy and reflect.

And we are convinced: Children's theater with humor and depth also inspires adults.

Our history

The history of the BrilLe Theater began 21 years ago with the first play, "Quastenför". Rehearsals in the living room, a packed Opel Astra, and self-tailored costumes. A lot has happened since then, the team has grown, and changed, and plays have come and gone. Our latest productions were actually created during the Corona period - "How to fly with Peter Pan" and "Ringa von Rattenau". A lot has happened in over 20 years of BrilLe Theater. Feel free to look around the website, write us if you have any questions and browse through the play.


Oh, and by the way, we still play "Quastenför". 

Fliegen lernen mit Peter Pan
If you haven't had enough yet...

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